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“ONCE UPON A TIME, in a land, far, far away, there lived a small opera company with an adventurous mission.  Saddened to see their beloved opera art form dying around them, they vowed to help save the music in their kingdom.  They banded together and developed a plan.  Their idea was not a new one, nor was it one derived from any secret magic potion.   They realized that, whether in a fairy tale or real life, children are the ones who have the power to make changes and save the world.  So by passing the magical love of opera to the hearts and minds of their youth, the opera company saw that their art form could be saved.   A new generation of music lovers would then be fostered.  And so was born the idea for STORYBOOK OPERA.

Do you believe in dreams and fairytales coming true?  Do you believe in music being an important part in the lives of children?  If so, please help support us!  We are almost to the halfway point of what we need to produce our exciting new season.  But we still need your help to make our dream of Storybook Opera Series 2014 a reality.  Please donate on our website below.  Thank you so much!”

  -Sylvia Amorino (©2014)


Looking for an Angel!
Solo Opera needs 14 very special donors to underwrite the children's 14 Angels Ballet in our HANSEL AND GRETEL December opera. The first 14 people to give a $100 dollar donation will be listed in our program and on the front page of our website as our Angel Donors for the show. Donations will cover the fee to the choreographer and ballet school as well as their costumes. You can donate on our website by check or paypal. Just put a note that you want to be an "angel".

  • Lynn and Paul Bussard (Angel Donor #1)
  • Jan Amorino (Angel Donor #2)
  • Bernadette Zaidi (Angel Donor #3)
  • Sako Family, Zaug Family, Miron Family, Howe Family (Angel Donor #4)
  • Krishnan Family, Goel Family, Morgan Family, Maggie Souers (Angel Donor #5)
  • Chris and Julie Corley (Angel Donor #6)
  • Sylvia and Miguel Gonzalez (Angel Donor #7)
  • Nancy Tovar (Angel Donor #8)
  • Sweat Dance Company- Perth Western Australia -Jasmin Calabrese, Choreographer (Angel Donor #9)
  • Vanton Research Laboratory (Angel Donor #10, #11, #12)
  • Bernadette Zaidi (Angel Donor #13, #14)
  • Brian Staufenbiel (Angel Donor #15)


The mission of Solo Opera is to educate, entertain, and enrich the community through our main
stage productions, concerts, and outreach program- S.O.L.O. (Scenes from Opera and Light Opera).

Solo Opera is proud to be a Professional Company Member of:


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